Here's what you need to know about shopping at next door online....

First of all it's easy and safe and yes, you can return something. We ask that you do so with in 7 days of receiving your  purchase. You can do it curbside or by USPS, just us a shoot us an email at

We will ship out your purchase the next business day for a flat rate of $8 or you can pick it up curbside if you are in the area. Orders over $75 ship free. These options are available to choose from when you check out. Just click on the V in the box.


Payment is easy with Pay Pal but you can also choose the off line option and we'll give you a call to figure it out. If you're doing curbside pickup you can even pay by cash or check, that's a novel idea. Just put it in our mailbox, we're not fussy. Hopefully it won't be long and you even take a peek around inside the store. There's so much to see that just doesn't  fit on a shopping page.