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did you know?


Next Door has been around awhile, 45 years in fact. Yikes that's a long time!

We love jeans, it's jeanetic. Our favorited brand is Liverpool. We have a lot!

We are opinionated when it comes to denim. Our customers love it!

We shorten jeans for you, for free, really!  We want you look your best.

We love comfy tees and cozy sweaters. We have a lot!

We love hand crafted, locally made textiles, jewelry, home decor, gifts, lots!

We love Sundays. It's a great day to shop at Next Door.  Parking is easy and there are some other really great shops open to explore. Like Wingman, Birchwood Wells, Elements, Knitch, Well House, Lake Country Boutique, Main Street, Soulfire,

and Clearwater. 

We love  the rest of the week as well. Sometimes weather gets in the way and we have to open late, close early or not at all. Best to give us call. We love Google, but sometimes you can't believe everything they say when it comes to hours. 

262 212 5609. 

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